Spanish Haven Apartments:
This 172 unit apartment complex located at 1551 W. Airport Freeway in Irving, Texas (formerly named Los Vaqueros) was purchased in December, 1997 with partner Steven Loftus.  The City of Irving was about to condemn the completely vacant and boarded up property before it was purchased for $2 million dollars.  A comprehensive renovation and upgrade of the asset was undertaken and included a budget of $2 million dollars, or $12,000.00 per unit.  Within 18 months, the renovation of Landmark Gardens was completed and the property achieving a 90% occupancy level.  City officials attended the property Grand Opening and recognized the extensive renovation and overall upgrade to the property.  The improvement to the property was instrumental to increasing both the quality of life of the surrounding residents and the overall value of the subject.  Collections exceed $100,000 per month on this property today.  Gillean Properties LLC obtained full ownership of the property in February, 2002 in an exchange for combined ownership interests in six other apartment projects with Steven Loftus.