Cross Equities is a Dallas, Texas based real estate investment, distressed debt acquisition and development firm founded by Tim Gillean, McAlan Duncan and Cory Emerson. The firm invests in, develops and redevelops among a diverse group of real estate assets throughout the United States and Mexico. The Partners uniquely combine their capital markets expertise with a deep understanding of real estate and legal fundamentals in the sectors of Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities, Fractional Trust Deeds, Land, Multi-Family, Office and Retail projects.

The result is a proven track record of maximized returns on invested capital with a minimized exposure of risk. Cross Equities maintains a conservative, disciplined and innovative investment approach. Staying creative in our investment structuring has allowed us to participate at ranging capitalization levels and in a short time we have successfully amassed a portfolio of projects located throughout the southwestern United States and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

The firm has an in-house equity component, development & leasing arm and serves as General Partner on its investments. Cross has successfully developed key relationships that serve critical roles in the assurance of proper entitlement, legal, tax and capital structuring for both US based and Latin American opportunities. Our deal flow is a combined function of vision, prudence and lasting relationships.

We rely on our collective relationships to interact with capital markets, banks, commercial loan servicers, fractionalized investment pools, asset managers and broker networks. It is through these networks that Cross Equities is fortunate to see off-market opportunities not available to mainstream investors. We pride ourselves on being a firm that responds quickly.